It’s All in the Name

Get out there and MOM IT UP!

Some of you might be wondering- “where in the world did that blog name come from?” (More than likely- not from moms though, am I right?)

Keep in mind (parts of speech lesson, coming right up) I am a teacher at heart!

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Moms are so incredible- I mean, who else can raise the next generation of great leaders?

Seriously, we can

  • care for everyone in our family
  • attend every event (with an appetizer in hand)
  • pack for every vacay
  • keep up with the housework
  • cook the meals- sometimes multiple dinners

OMG the list goes on! Needless to say, the noun version “mom” (although a wonderful word) simply doesn’t do us justice.

Mom (Noun)- A woman who gave birth, adopted, or raised another little human           (Also known as “the doer of ALL things”) Obviously, I’m interpreting, here!

Mom (Adjective)- The description of a noun (implying extra-coolness)                                     Example: Mom jeans, Mom hair, Mom voice, etc.

And then there is the VERB… which is where my blog name came from!

Mom (Verb)- The act of “momming” ie. encompassing all acts related to moms (without the requiring the entire list of mom jobs)

The verb version of “Mom” is most important to me. I love the title of mom, but I love the act of “momming” even more!

Please share your favorite “momming” moment below!

Remember Mama-  It’s not just what you are, it’s what you do!


As always, YOU GOT THIS!

With Love ♥


        photo credit: Theo Crazzolara Fantasy Book via photopin (license)


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