“Happy Planning” Mommy

It doesn’t matter where you are in your parenting journey- ORGANIZATION is a must!

Let me start by saying, I love my Happy Planner- there are affiliate links to recommended products, but I only share and support products that I truly recommend.

I talk to so many moms who feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of control. Trust me, I have been there- juggling a small business (product promotion, creation, orders), being a mom and wife, taking care of the house, attending events, paying bills, it’s exhausting!

With B starting preschool in August, I knew I had to get some order in the chaos, or I was going to miss something FOR SURE.  I started to look for a planner that would allow me to tap into my creative side as well as keep all of my responsibilities organized (and of course, PRETTY)!

I have recommended the “Happy Planner” on my social media, and if you talk to me about getting organized and adding structure to your life, then you know- the hype is real!

Here is a picture of my “MUST HAVES” when getting started with your Happy Planner:

happy planner 2
Links to products: 1. Happy Planner 2. Washi Tape 3. iBayam fine tip pens 4. Sticker packs (I have seasons, mom, and mini bill pay pack)

I’m all about product versatility aka taking one product and making it work for many different people!

You can use this planner for literally ANYTHING!

Trying to Conceive? Track cycles, log moods, write down testing calendars
Pregnant? Use this as a baby journal; marking special pregnancy moments. You can add pictures
Mom of 1, 2, 3, or more? Juggle all things with the special “mom” stickers, keep track of the busy schedule with to do lists, bill pay stickers,
Fit mom? Meal planning mom? Mom on a budget? Teacher mom? Sticker packs are designed specifically for you!

Although there are great alternatives (like Erin Condren), I chose the Happy Planner for a few reasons

  1.  I could customize it and create it to make it 100% unique
  2. There was enough room to add as much or as little detail as I wanted (I bought the big planner, so I could handletter around my plans), but the mini is purse size- perfect for the working mom
  3. Sticker packs are designed for the planner in different themes (so you can choose sticker packs that are most relevant to you
  4. You can personalize your pages with YOUR OWN pictures! You can print pictures on sticker paper designed specifically for the Happy Planner
  5. Each page comes out with ease, the planner can be expanded, and you don’t have to worry about the pages tearing off
happy planner
Happy Planning in all of its glory! The name doesn’t disappoint- this really does make me HAPPY!
Affiliate link to Amazon-
1. Happy Planner (This ON SALE NOW)

2. Washi tape

3. IBayam Pens (18 colors)
4. Mom Sticker Pack

5. Value pack (Great for EVERYONE)


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