MOMMING Through Sickness and Health

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…Oh gosh, did he just sneeze? DON’T PANIC, it was just one, plus it’s early and he just woke up [Achooo…cough, sniff] No!

What now?

I will start by saying, it is NEVER a good time for your kids to get sick! For some reason it always happens before a big trip, family photos, a birthday party, etc. As much as you feel sorry for those sniffly, fussy, little needy babies, you also realize (very quickly, I might add), that you suddenly have a million MORE things to do.

Sick babies often mean long nights, fussy days and ONE EXHAUSTED MAMA!

Again, I ask…What now?

It’s time to break out ALL the stops, it might sound a bit premature, but catching the symptoms before they become a full blown cold are so much easier on moms than waiting it out!

Here are some home remedies and product recommendations that we use and practice in our own home, we always have them on hand- ready at a moment’s notice! (And that is key to catching colds early- please visit the affiliate links below and purchase your “sickness-esities”)

*Please note, these are MOM TIPS, not medical advice- I  always recommend speaking to a medical professional if you have specific concerns.

Access the ENTIRE must-have list on Amazon BELOW!

1. Cool mist humidifiers are a MUST! I recommend cool mist over warm steam because the warm humidifiers can burn your babies if touched, knocked over, or placed too close to them.

Your humidifier can be used with Vicks VapoPads which give off a menthol smell activated by the mist. These items work best with the door closed, we usually prep our kids’ rooms by turning on the humidifier 20-30 minutes before naps and bedtime.

2. My “not so” Secret weapon Tei Fu Oil- Okay, I cannot say enough about Tei Fu oil! If you have asked me for sick remedies, you know I hype this product like crazy! I love it so much, I literally have one in my diaper bag AT ALL TIMES! (Don’t believe me, ask me anytime!)

It can be rubbed behind your ears, or on your feet, back, and chest. For babies under 1 year, I do not apply directly to skin, rather only one or 2 drops on socks and back of shirt. I also add 8-10 drops into bath water and to the humidifer (I do this along with the VapoPads).

Another great reason to LOVE TEI FU? You can even diffuse it! I put 8-10 drops in my diffuser, and let the healing begin!

3. Vicks Baby Rub- I love this rub! Even my three year old allows it because the scent is so minimal (unlike the adult version of VapoRub which is very strong). The best part? It is safe to use on babies 3 months and up!

4. Steam bath/feed- This may sound crazy, but it really helps clear the mucus! You just turn your shower as hot as it will go and close the door for 7-10 minutes (ignore this one if you’re super water conscious). Bring baby inside for a steam bath or feed, added bonus- you get a steamy, sauna-like experience as well!

5. Fridababy NoseFrida- This product is AMAZING, seriously, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Take that from me! I was totally the person saying “I WOULD NEVER…” about this, but when B got her first cold at just under 3 months, I was desperate! Now, I tell people, “I WOULD NEVER…GO BACK” You are able to clear so much more mucus than the bulb, thus- sickness lasts less time for baby and for mom! Genius!

6. Boogie Wipes/ Boogie Mist Saline Spray– Wiping your baby’s nose can be traumatizing for baby and for moms- which is why I swear by Boogie Wipes. They are soft, moist, and they lubricate the area after wiping under the nose. Use the saline spray once or twice a day to keep the nasal passages moist.

7. Keep baby hydrated- If you notice a loss in appetite, that’s totally fine- offer bottles/ breast as often as baby needs.

8. Ankovo Thermometer- Let’s be honest, every mom hates taking her kids’ temperature! First, we hate forcing our kids to do things they don’t want to when we know they already feel lousy. Second, crying makes the boogers worse. Big NO-NO during colds.

Take a deep breath, you need to take temperatures often! Keep an eye out for those pesky fevers that sneak up during colds.

I love this particular thermometer because it allows you to check both the ear AND the forehead! This style is so much easier for me to get a temperature, as stated earlier- I am not trying to start a major cry fest to keep my kids still.

I am adding an ALL-IN-ONE thermometer because rectal temperatures are the most accurate, and every household should have one “just in case” (because obviously, taking a rectal temp is without a doubt a LAST RESORT for me!) If you can get your child to sit still long enough to read this style, it does all temperature locations and is FDA recommended!

9. Rest, rest, rest– This applies to sick baby and mommy! Moms CANNOT get sick, ain’t no mom got time for that! So as a precaution, I often do all of these things for myself in tandem with my kids! Stay home, watch a little TV, and give a little time for recovery

You can visit any of the items by clicking the one you find interesting


you can access the ENTIRE list on my Amazon

HERE: http://a.co/h60WURv

Remember to “catch that cold” before baby “catches a cold” and he/she will be back to normal in no time! If you’re anything like me, you will be wondering how on Earth they got all that energy back so quickly!

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Like I always say, YOU GOT THIS MAMA!

With Love ♥


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