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Mid Year Resolution

Why do we only make “New Year Resolutions”? July seems like the perfect time to start a new one-

(especially since most of my resolutions never last past March)

Note: This post is made to promote self awareness, not to judge anyone else. You “mom” your way, and I will be cheering you on (which is the whole premise of this blog)!

Confession- I am a “real mom.”

I have real issues. The kind of mom that doesn’t have an endless supply of money for expensive things. I don’t get dressed up everyday (or ever, for that matter). I don’t have a spotless house, or a BOMB body (Definitely can’t hate a mom who does). I don’t take AMAZING pictures for the “gram” and I don’t have a photo perfect family.

blanket boots child colorful
(This not my family)   Photo by Lela Johnson on

100% transparency: I stay home with my kids. We budget and have to save for all extras (that goes for trips, Amazon purchases, and I literally have a Christmas fund already or we couldn’t afford to buy gifts after bills are paid.) I buy clothes like twice a year and rarely go above $10 per item. I haven’t been to the gym since 2013 (wow, that’s embarrassing), I clean my house constantly- but I can never enjoy the entire house being clean.

In these “Insta-Perfect” times, we all (myself included) get bogged down by self doubt, insecurities, and the constant need to compare.

Sandra’s son is in tutoring already, I better get my kid in or he will be behind. Sara takes the best photos, mine look horrible; I better get a new camera, editing app, phone accessories, etc. I didn’t get invited to that birthday party or receive their Christmas card, and my life is WRECKED!

Seriously though, I’m worried about my 3 year old’s EXTRA-CURRICULARS (for fear that if I don’t sign her up now, she won’t match the other kids’ skills- it will ruin her social life and she won’t be able to get into a good college!



Why are we so consumed by keeping up? Why can’t we laugh at our failures without the impending doom of judgmental comments? Why does everyone have to think a full decade ahead in order to prepare their kids for their future? Better yet, why do we have to post EVERYTHING? Can’t things be enjoyed without needing to be posted as proof we had fun?

My “Mid” Year Resolution(s)

1. Stop comparing yourself and your life to others’ on social media.

2. Don’t take life too seriously; your kids are only little once, enjoy it without the need to post every minute for people to see.

3. Don’t take it personal when people don’t invite you or like your pictures.

4. Stop thinking social media posts reflect reality.

I love my life. Flaws and all. I don’t need to post for comments and likes to validate that.

Last reminders to self: It’s ok to be imperfect. You can laugh at your parenting failures, without needing to get the perfect shot for facebook first! (Seriously #parentingfails is a REAL thing.) You can love yourself and your kids without needing everything to be perfect.

To all the imperfect mamas- YOU GOT THIS!

With Love ♥


What is your “Mid-Year Resolution? Comment Below!

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