My Life…in a NUTshell

Emphasis on NUT- because my life is pretty crazy right now!

person woman eyes face
Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com


I enjoy being busy and keeping myself on my toes, but this takes it to a whole new level! I have been dabbling in a few things that have kept me quite preoccupied- in addition to the regular “family stuff.”

For starters, I am now blogging; well at least I am trying to (when I can find the time to sit at our computer desk). I have been wanting to do this for a while and now that our family is complete, it seems like the perfect time to write about my journey as a mom while it is still fresh and relevant! *As if motherhood couldn’t get any harder, if you haven’t had a baby in 5 years or more, your advice is pretty much outdated! Oops, sorry for that tid bit of information, but DO NOT listen to Aunt Sheila who tells you that your baby will be fine on her stomach,  her kids are probably as old as you! I am so serious though; literally all the gadgets and recommendations change so fast, it’s hard to keep up with “what works” and what’s “just in.”

I have also started a small business on Instagram *cue blatant personal hype* @withlove_handlettering where I create homemade signs, hand lettering projects, products with my Cricut, and hand painted crafts.

Once again….I AM NUTS!

B started preschool this week, and it is quite the learning experience. Reminder, I am a teacher at heart (and in education), so I want to be the “top notch parent.” Aka, the parent who waves while signing in, but says nothing to the teacher and picks up her child while refraining from asking the teacher, “So how did it go?” I am trying to be the parent with the philosophy, “no news, it good news”, but jeeze, it’s hard! I’m not kidding, my mind is saying, “Don’t you do it, do not ask how B did today, just walk out” but my heart wants my baby girl to have the best educational experience possible! As much as I want to be the ideal parent, I also want her to be the prime student. Aka, the one who is seated quietly, raising her hand to ask if she can please use the restroom. Gosh, it is so

Probably not the best timing, but we just returned from Disneyland (Pixarfest, DUH) and Little Man stayed with Maga (B’s nickname for Grandma, and it stuck). He is now rolling and wanting to sit up….sooo, his usual “kick it” spots (Mamaroo, swing, rock n’ play) are no longer safe, meaning I have to start the dreaded crib transition (blog coming soon)!

baby bed blue blur
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I felt it necessary to share all of this with you to remind you that life gets crazy!

You’re never alone in your momming journey, just take it all at your own pace and don’t stop until you’re proud!

You Got This (and that, and those, and these)! You Got it ALL!

Love ♥


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