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Mid Year Resolution

Why do we only make "New Year Resolutions"? July seems like the perfect time to start a new one- (especially since most of my resolutions never last past March) Note: This post is made to promote self awareness, not to judge anyone else. You "mom" your way, and I will be cheering you on (which… Continue reading Mid Year Resolution


“Happy Planning” Mommy

It doesn't matter where you are in your parenting journey- ORGANIZATION is a must! Let me start by saying, I love my Happy Planner- there are affiliate links to recommended products, but I only share and support products that I truly recommend. I talk to so many moms who feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of… Continue reading “Happy Planning” Mommy


The Journey Begins

Welcome to my newest venture- a blog about REAL life for REAL moms! Hello! My name is Shannon, and I wear many hats (figuratively speaking ONLY, yikes!). I am teacher turned mom of 2, turned "momtrepreneur"! All of my loves come together here- coaching moms, featuring family moments, and putting a spotlight on hobbies (and… Continue reading The Journey Begins