MOMMING Through Sickness and Health

ACHOO! ...Oh gosh, did he just sneeze? DON'T PANIC, it was just one, plus it's early and he just woke up [Achooo...cough, sniff] No! What now? I will start by saying, it is NEVER a good time for your kids to get sick! For some reason it always happens before a big trip, family photos,… Continue reading MOMMING Through Sickness and Health

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WAIT-MODE…Trying to Conceive

Here's a personal side to parenthood- one that not many people share, which is what makes this topic so important to discuss. If you're trying to conceive (TTC)- please keep reading, because YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It's a conversation that most people don't even know how to talk about. I mean, when someone asks "how… Continue reading WAIT-MODE…Trying to Conceive


“Happy Planning” Mommy

It doesn't matter where you are in your parenting journey- ORGANIZATION is a must! Let me start by saying, I love my Happy Planner- there are affiliate links to recommended products, but I only share and support products that I truly recommend. I talk to so many moms who feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of… Continue reading “Happy Planning” Mommy


The Journey Begins

Welcome to my newest venture- a blog about REAL life for REAL moms! Hello! My name is Shannon, and I wear many hats (figuratively speaking ONLY, yikes!). I am teacher turned mom of 2, turned "momtrepreneur"! All of my loves come together here- coaching moms, featuring family moments, and putting a spotlight on hobbies (and… Continue reading The Journey Begins